Collection: External Thermostat Pairing



Our External Thermostat is an extension for your heater to insure that your room and space is getting the proper amount of the Heat Storm experience you could want. 

This little device will connect to the current devices

Garage Heater - Included with Purchase

Phoenix WIFI - Sold Separately 

Wall heater WIFI - Sold Separately 

Sedona WIFI - Sold Separately 

IN WALL WIFI - Sold Separately 

Kick Space Heater - Sold Separately 


The controls are not provided on the Thermostat. The thermostat is a guide for your heater on when to turn on and for how long it needs to be turned on to make sure the room is properly heated and sustains the temperature you prefer. 

Your External Thermostat will Display the temperature of the room that it is placed in and paired to the heater of your choice. 

The External Heater only connects to one device at a time.