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My unit wont power on:

Each heater has an internal tip over safety switch, if you attempt to turn on your heater and it is in the wrong position the safety switch will be activated and your heater will not turn on. In order to turn your heater on it needs to be held in the correct position as in the illustration below. (note that the cord is hanging down)



My units' switch seems to not be working properly:


We have a 30-day return policy and a 1-year limited warranty If you are within the 30-Day warranty we will repair your heater. If you are outside of our 30-day return policy, you will need to pay to ship your heater back to us. We have great freight rates, and we can get a quote and send you a label once we have collected payment. When we receive your unit, we will repair it or replace it and send it back free of charge. To avoid this charge we can send you a new switch that you can easily replace.

To process your warranty please send the following to

  1. Mailing Address

  2. Phone Number

  3. Proof of purchase

  4. Picture of the silver sticker on the back of the heater.

  5. Return in original box (if you are sending it to us)

  6. Take a picture of the wires inside the black switch box example below (if you would like a replacement switch)

Once we receive this information, we can begin to process your warranty.