EnergyWise Solutions is located in beautiful Cache County Utah and was created in 2008 as a distributor for infrared heaters for a variety of companies. As the infrared heater market continued to expand EnergyWise recognized that a much better product could be built to bring the consumer a better experience. EnergyWise started in 2011 with designing and creating our own technology and in 2012 we launched our own brand of infrared heaters, Heat Storm. We also filed a patent for our propriety Heat Management System (HMS) and were awarded our patent in 2015. Our patented technology increases safety, efficiency and heat output while our trade dress ensures uniqueness for our brand.

We offer a variety of heaters from fireplaces, ultra portable and wall hanging units. At EnergyWise we strive to have the highest degree of customer service and satisfaction. We strive to exceed the expectations with our infrared heaters with high quality and innovation. Innovation is what makes our company and products better than our competition and more importantly gives the consumer a better experience.

As EnergyWise continued to gain market share and see success in the industry we decided to expand our product line-up to include cooling products. With the experience of Heat Storm under our belts we launched a North Storm, which includes evaporative cooling and air conditioning units. Our products offer unique value and affordability to the consumer making them a great solution for any household.